We are a family company which has been growing oranges for 15 years. We have decided to embark on this “online adventure” for several reasons:
· For the consumers to be able to discover the true and exquisite taste of a freshly picked orange
· For the farmer to understand the fair price of the her/his hard labour.
· To promote the sustainability of this agricultural activity which, like many others, is facing extinction.


Why buy oranges online?

There are many advantages…

  • · Mainly the fact that you are buying a fresh product, which has not undergone a ripening or conservation procedure after being picked off the tree.

  • · The oranges are picked when ripe and will not go through any sort of cooling system or conservation procedure. Probably the oranges will not look as “pretty” as they do in your local supermarket, simply because they are not embellished with any sort of fruit wax coating.

  • · Your oranges will arrive at your home straight from the tree, as we will pick them as soon as you order them. The taste of a freshly picked orange has nothing to do with the taste that you are probably familiar with.

When you try our fresh oranges you will become instantly addicted…

It will be like having your own orange tree at home.


Sustainable farming


Experts* have concluded and certified that each 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of citrus production captures between 20 and 25 tons of C0² per year as part of its photosynthesis process. The trees will not only give oxygen back to the atmosphere, but also transform C0² in wood, fruits, etc. Naturally, the carbon emissions related to the growing and picking processes need to be duly accounted for and discounted. According to some specialists there is a net positive balance of between 5.5 and 9 tons of C0² captured per citrus producing hectare at the end of the production cycle.


*Data from Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias


Farmer survival


10 years ago orange farming was a profitable activity. In more recent times, mainly due to the extended financial crisis period and negative global economical backdrop, costs have increased almost in the same proportion as sales have decreased. As a consequence, and with no other alternatives, intermediaries have had to look for more competitive prices in countries where labour costs are much lower. However, this alternative harms both producers and consumers. On the one hand, the producer faces production costs per kilo of oranges which exceeds the selling price. The consumer on the other hand, will not benefit from a lower price, and will buy an orange that has been ripped artificially, as in most cases it has been picked from the tree long before it matures. This early picking process allows for an orange to be in transit for 2 weeks, or more if coming from distant countries, from the date it was picked to the moment it reaches its final selling point. The online selling process however, allows for the oranges to ripe naturally in the tree, and will then take 3 or 4 days to get to your home. This way you will discover the true flavour of an orange, and the producers will be able to sustain their activity.




Freshly picked oranges are an extremely resilient product and will be suitable for consumption after 2 or 3 weeks without any sort of chemical treatment. Once the oranges are out of their packaging they should simply be kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place. You should avoid storing them close to radiators or in areas directly exposed to sunlight. This way they will keep their original texture and taste perfectly.
A practical way to extend the orange conservation time is to cover a portion of a room’s floor with newspapers, and put the oranges on the paper, ideally not touching each other. This very simple method keeps the oranges in good condition and ready for consumption for a further 2 to 3 weeks.
In the past people would bury oranges in sand or rice husks, and as a result oranges picked at the end of winter would be kept in perfect condition throughout the summer.



Our estate “La Hacienda la Juncosa” is part of the Utrera municipality, which is 20 km
from Seville in Andalucia region, Spain. We have 25 hectares (59 acres) of land dedicated to orange farming.


Hacienda la Juncosa
Carretera Arahal – Utrera s/n
Utrera (Seville), Spain
Teléfono (+34) 671 990 711